Pictures are blurry but whatever though. Spent the entire day with my Princess today. She got to meet my mom for the first time and was hella nervous. Started out by eating lunch at my place then going to the MLK library to get her book for English. After we walked down the street to go ice skating! Hella scary, it was my first time in like 8 or 9 years? I didn’t fall which was good but got a crap load of ice in my ear because babe threw it at me. We had somewhat of a snowball fight then left to go get hot chocolate at Christmas in the Park. It felt really special walking around there with her. Afterwards we went to go eat some Chinese food then got picked up. Overall it was the best date ever. Didn’t get her anything for our 4 months tomorrow though. Gonna miss her like crazy since she’s going to the Philippines for a entire month. Did i mention she’s leaving this Wednesday? Damn. Well at least i got to spend time with her before she left. Love you baby :) 

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    Haha, Atleast this plan came through! Love you baby! I’m really glad to know that your mom kinda likes me though! haha,...
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